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The National Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Center
Webinar Series on Organizational Development
And Business Management for Peer-Run Organizations

NCSTAC is pleased to announce its new series of webinars on Organizational Development and Business Management for Peer-Run Organizations. This five part participatory series will begin in October of this year and will be broadcast every other month as part of ongoing technical assistance to consumer-run organizations and services.

Leading authorities on:

  • Consumer-Run Nonprofit Basics
  • Governance: The Role of the Board
  • Management: The Role of the Staff
  • Fundraising and Capacity Building
  • Sustaining Your Consumer-Run Nonprofit Organization

will present live via teleconference and web interface. These 90 minute modules will provide ample time for questions and discussion.

Participation will be available through registration. Schedules, registration information, and details of the events will be available on-line at www.ncstac.org in the next two weeks. There is no cost for participation and copies of course information will be available on the website.

Additional webinars on a variety of topics will be announced shortly. NCSTAC looks forward to providing this useful information to your organization. For information on NCSTACs technical assistance publications, please visit www.ncstac.org.

NCSTAC is funded by CMHS/SAMHSA.