Please Note:  These modules are out of date  and certificates can no longer be printed.  You are welcome to view the modules however.

Video POD training modules can be viewed at:

Module 1 - Point of Dispensing Overview

All users must complete Module 1

Module 2 - Introduction
All users must complete Module 2 Introduction
Unified Command
Operations Section-Introduction - Required for all Operations users
    Operations Chief
Operations Security Branch
Operations Clinic Branch
Operations Medical Branch

Logistics Section Introduction - Required for all Logistics users


  Logistics Chief
Logistics Service Branch
Logistics-Support Branch

Planning Section

Module 3 - Point of Dispensing Management

Module 3 is designed for command and supervisory POD staff

After you have successfully completed a module the "Certificate of Completion"  verification form will display.  Once submitted your certificate will display.  Please print and sign to keep as your confirmation.  If  you do not get the certificate page please contact us at